We are so excited that you are considering the Sacrament of Baptism for your child at St. Joseph Parish, Mountain View. Baptisms are offered for any child 6 years of age and younger, on a Saturday morning.

Infant baptism Checklist - Please begin process two months in advance.

1. Complete the [Baptism Registration Form]

2. Submit a copy of your child's birth certificate.

There are three ways to submit a copy of your Child's birth certificate: 

Drop-off: You may drop off a copy of your child's Birth Certificate anytime in the Parish Office mailbox located at the front of the office (Plaza side)

Email: Scans and/or photos of the Birth Certificate may be sent via email to Please attach a clear photo of the entire certificate and  include "Birth Certificate" in the subject line.

Regular Mail:  Mail a copy of the Birth Certificate to: St. Joseph Parish Office, 580 Hope St, Mountain View, CA 94041  (please do not send originals).

3. Each parent and godparent must attend a Baptism Preparation Class (we currently offer virtual classes).


Current Availability

  Baptism in English Bautizo en Espanol
October/Octubre FULL FULL
November/Noviembre Available FULL
December/Diciembre FULL Fechas Disponible


5. Submit offering.  You can send a check to: St. Joseph Parish Office, 580 Hope St, Mountain View, CA 94041, or make your donation via our online platform [HERE].  For other alternatives, please contact the office at (650)967-3831 ext 121.

** For information on baptism for children over the age of seven, please click [HERE]


The origin and foundation of Christian Baptism is Jesus.  Before starting his public ministry, Jesus submitted himself to the baptism given by John the Baptist.  The waters did not purify him; he cleansed the waters.  . . . Jesus did not need to be baptized because he was totally faithful to the will of his Father and free from sin.  However, he wanted to show his solidarity with human beings in order to reconcile them to the Father. By commanding his disciples to baptize all nations, he established the means by which people would die to sin – Original and actual – and begin to live a new life with God.

In Baptism, the Holy Spirit moves us to answer Christ's call to holiness. In Baptism, we are asked to walk by the light of Christ and to trust in his wisdom. We are invited to submit our hearts to Christ with ever deeper love.

~from the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults





Baptism is the first sacrament of Christian initiation into the church. Through Baptism we become children of God and share in the Paschal Mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Christ.


Baptism Registration Solicitud de Bautizo


"Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit." (John 3:5)


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