Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Boys and girls attending grades five through high school who have received their First Communion are invited to participate in the altar servers' ministry. Training classes are scheduled four times a year and provide the skills necessary to perform this ministry.

Time offering: 1-2 Masses each month

Contact: Stephanie Kemp (for English Altar Servers)

Norma Moreno (Hispanic Altar Servers/Monaguillos)

Children's Liturgy

Volunteers provide a loving program of spiritual and creative activities for children ages 5 to 12 during 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM Sunday Masses.

Children are invited to attend Liturgy of the Word with their peers. Children are excused from Mass after the opening prayer and returned to their families at Mass after the Homily. Adult and teen volunteers are always needed. Parents of children who participate in this ministry are especially encouraged to volunteer. Training and supplies will be provided.

Time offering: 1 Sunday morning each month

Contact: Siobhan Paul (650) 967-4886

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

St Joseph's Church has had Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assisting the priests in distributing communion since Dec. 2 1984. Our ministers also distribute communion to the sick, the homebound and to prisoners.

We welcome those who would like to participate in the ministry. A candidate, under normal circumstances, has to be confimed and at least 16 years of age. Our training program will help you feel more comfortable in the lay ministry and has been well received by all our candidates.

PRAYER FOR Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Jesus bless these hands chosen as your tools. Jesus, keep us in awe of our sacred mission. Jesus, make us worthy of this great ministry. Jesus, send us out to distribute your love.

Diocese of San Jose on Eucharistic Worship

If you feel called to become a minister, please call.

Time offering: 2-3 masses per month or as desired

Contact (English): Dan Joves, email:

Contact (Spanish): Arturo Palma, (408)368-9523


Lectors are commissioned by the pastor to proclaim the Word in our liturgical worship. This Ministry is open to fully participating Catholics who have a deep love for the Holy Scripture and for the listening assembly. Lectors can often volunteer for the Mass they regularly attend. Training is provided.

Time offering: 1-2 Masses each month



Lory Torres, email: (English)

Elvia Cruz, (650) 714-5220 (Hispanic Lectors)

Liturgical Environment and Flowers

This Ministry is open to parishioners who have experience and love to arrange flowers. Once a week and during special occasions, floral arrangements are needed for the altar.

Time offering: 1-2 hours twice a month

Contact: Parish Office (650)967-3831

Music Ministry


St. Joseph Church liturgy and prayer are parish priorities. Music is an essential component of good liturgy. Members bring their musical talent to lead the community in prayer. Instrumentalists and singers of all ages and abilities are welcome to join.

Time offering: 1-4 Masses each month and practice


Join Voices of Praise Choir!

Come and join the Voices of Praise choir, and help to make joyful noise unto the Lord! The Choir's ministry is to support the worshipping community's sung prayer, and to enhance the liturgical celebration. The only requirement is that you enjoy singing – no auditions. All voice types are welcome.

Membership is open to adults and youth (ages 13 and up). We rehearse on Thursdays of each week at 7:00 PM in the church; we sing on most Sundays of the year at 10:00 AM Mass, and for major feast day celebrations. If you would like any more information, phone or e-mail.



Youth Choir

The St. Joseph Parish Youth Choir is composed primarily of youth and young adults with most members hailing from the St. Joseph Youth Group, with mentorship from members of the Voices of Praise choir. The youth choir puts a particular focus on teaching and catechesis through music, as this is part of the natural journey of growth (and skepticism) in faith which young people go through. For this same reason, the repertoire of the youth choir is extremely varied, ranging from contemporary Catholic music at Mass (or even Christian music at non-Eucharistic services) to various traditional hymns during the holy seasons, even to ancient Latin chants.

The youth choir serves the vigil mass of the fourth Sunday of every month (the Saturday evening before), and rehearses every week; in addition to serving Stations of the Cross in Lent, Palm Sunday during Holy Week, and the Christmas Eve Family Mass. The youth choir is predictably decimated by one third of its membership every year by school graduations and activities, and is therefore always looking for new members!

Contact: Robert Quijano, 

Prayer Group

English: Members of the faithful gather weekly on Monday, 7:30-9:00 PM at the rectory to praise, worship and honor God, and to seek the release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the gathered community. They intercede and pray for one another and the St. Joseph community, especially those asking for special prayers dropped in the petition box in the vestibule of the Church.

Spanish: Praise and Worship in a charismatic community of faith. Friday nights 7:00-9:00 PM

Time offering: 1-2 hours every week

Contact: Parish Office (650) 967-3831 (English)

Luis y Maria Guevara, Hispanic Group - Hermanos en Cristo, (650)960-3716
Jorge y Sandra Hernandez, Hispanic Group - Misioneros de la Misericordia, (408)836-1806


This ministry is open to men and women who want to interact with parishioners by greeting them as they come to church. They are also in charge of collecting the treasure offerings after the homily. The head usher is responsible for asking parishioners to take the offering of bread and wine to the altar. After Mass, ushers distribute the bulletins and bid good tidings. Ushers can request the Mass they usually attend to perform this ministry.

Time offering: 1 hour per week

Contact: Parish Office (650) 967-3831