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Development Updates

November 7

 As the restroom and lobby project room on to completion, we are grateful for the attention paid to our church doors. The three pairs of doors at the mani entrance have been carefully retooled to hang freely and close quietly and completely.  The double doors at the Church Street entrance need a bit more attention, but have been straightened and the frames strengthened. If we enter or exit those doors, please just GENTLY pull it shut or push it shut, just to make sure they are secure. The operative word is GENTLY.  It is exciting to see the ribs of our new parish office sprout up. I've been working closely with our architect on the Choir Platform project. More on this as materials are ordered, and a schedule unfolds.

October 31

As of the bulletin deadline, I was not sure if restrooms would be in operation this weekend, but they are getting close to completion.  Some materials deliveries were delayed, but our contractors just keep plugging to finish these facilities asap.  The tie-in to the new sewer line was successful earlier in the week - a major hurdle handled.  Father Engel arranged to have the church doors & frames, retooled & rehung for safety & aesthetics.  After the elevator project is complete, & the two restored stained glass windows set back in place, the front steps & entry stone will be sealed, & the doors will be painted, creating a fresh and welcoming vestibule. Father has also put into motion the creating of a platform for our various choirs & musicians that will upgrade space & some storage for our music ministries, as they lead & inspire us in worship. Your continued support & patience is appreciated as we care for the needs of our parish.

October 14 & 15

Our restroom project is shaping up very nicely, with tiling & paint going in this past week. The M & W restrooms will be located back as they were several years ago; as we enter the basement, the Women's on the left & the Men's on the right. Fixtures are expected shortly. The new exhaust system will be the fine touch. We will then have truly rebuilt from the pipes-up & the studs-out 2 modern restrooms that we've needed all these many years.  I know parishioners will appreciate the hard work of the artisans & subcontractors who have taken such pride in doing a thorough, professional job. We'll all be good stewards of these new facilities! The water fountain that has been out-of-service for decades, is newly plumbed, & an added amenity. Once the restrooms pass their final inspection, a new temporary wall will be built outside the men's room while the elevator tower/access project is completed & inspected. The postal address for the Parish Office will be 580 Hope St., our church building remains 582. Thank you for your continued good-will & patience.

August 24-27

Four points: 1) As Father announced last Sun., our Church St. ramp is for temporary use for people with ANY difficulty in negotiating the stairs. (wheelchair, stroller, cane, walker, crutches, knee stress, etc.)
2) Portable toilet units are scheduled for regular cleaning through the week, yet sacristans & others have been stepping in to clean careless mess. Each user should leave the unit tidy for the next user. It's the responsibility of each ministry chairperson to unlock & lock up the units for your meeting/event. I've arranged extra service to keep water levels consistent. Supervision of children is important; please don't give them the key. Thanks for your help.
3) PLEASE NOTE that on the City Art & Wine Festival weekend, Sep 9 & 10, the Kaiser Parking Garage is run by a local non/profit as a fundraiser. (Last year it was CHAC.) This year, Channel 15 local public television will charge $5 to park in the Kaiser lot. So please bring your $5 donation to park at Kaiser on Sep 9 & 10th. This is in my original contract with them for this 1 weekend only. They’ve made many extra accommodations for us during Holy Week, holidays & events. We’re lucky to have this generous neighbor!
4) Pipe organ work resumes this week.

July 21-29 Construction News

The schedule changes so rapidly during this phase of demolition/construction, hence announcements from the ambo have been my recent attempt to keep you more up-to-date. The demo of the elevator tower continues, as does trench work for utilities, & prep work to rebuild the Restrooms. The new elevator has been ordered; will most likely be installed at the end of the year. The ramp will be replaced with a set of stairs that will open to the patio area of the plaza.  The building materials are hand-cast to match the surrounding building rather than present a pre-cast look. Our architect has submitted to the City her drawings for the new parish office. It will be a welcoming as well as functional place.  The inconvenience of restricted meeting spaces right now, as well as portable toilet facilities, is temporary, but nonetheless difficult for many.  Your continued goodwill & support is greatly respected as well as appreciated by our Clergy.  The excellent safety record of this huge project is a result of parishioner prayer as well as patience. Thank you.

June 24-25 Construction News

Portable restroom set-up on Church St. will be locked at night, opened each morning during the remodeling of the Doyle Hall restrooms.  Temporary walls are put in place readying for this project which includes a new water line & modern exhaust system providing us with safety & comfort. There is a limit to the # of people who can use Doyle during this phase of construction.  Please double check with the parish office if you have questions in this regard.  As was mentioned from the ambo last weekend, in the interest of safety, please be sure to accompany your children should they need to use the portable restrooms. Thank you.  <>

June 04 Construction News

Our pipe organ components are safely relocated in the Bell Tower; electrical duct work set to begin June 1st; pipe organ back in service early July.  I’m so thankful for the extra value from our electrical sub contractor in finding the problem with our Bell system & working to correct it & relocate the switches so we can once again peal the Angelus & Mass times! Also planned for June is the set up of temporary protective walls on the Vestibule & Basement Levels of the church preparing for the demolition of the existing elevator tower. Our new, larger elevator will make safe & easy access into our church from all levels of the parking garage & sidewalk. The 2 stained glass windows in the tower will be expertly removed, cleaned, restored, & readied for re-installation once the tower is completed.  Concrete pours are scheduled for June 7, 14, 21, & 28 barring any weather delays. Remodeling of the restrooms necessitates installation of a new sump pump; hence the schedule is in flux while these permits are submitted,  & plans for portable  units are made final.

May 28 Construction News

Our pipe organ components are safely relocated in the Bell Tower; electrical duct & hook-up work set to begin June 1st; pipe organ back in service early July.  I’m so thankful for the extra value from our electrical sub contractor in finding the problem with our Bell system & working to correct it & relocate the switches so we can once again peal the Angelus & Mass times! Also planned for June is the set up of temporary protective walls on the Vestibule & Basement Levels of the church preparing for the demolition of the existing elevator tower. Our new, larger elevator will make safe & easy access into our church from all levels of the parking garage & sidewalk. The 2 stained glass windows in the tower will be expertly removed, cleaned, restored, & readied for re-installation once the tower is completed.  Remodeling of the restrooms necessitates installation of a new sump pump; hence the schedule is in flux while these permits are submitted, etc., and plans for portable restroom units are made final.

May 6 Construction News

A new sump pump will be required as builders ready to rebuild new restrooms, and thus, the scheduled changes.
The organ blowers will not be removed from the existing elevator tower until the end of May. (Relocated into the BellTower.) Hook up of the
organ is currently scheduled for early July.  Parish organist Denis has found a no-cost organ to fill in during the Pipe Organ down time.
Special thanks to our Devcon Superintendent and Foreman for expertly and respectfully installing our new Divine Mercy icon above the Tabernacle.
I have a meeting on this Thurs., that will net more news of progress on the project.

April 23 Construction News

On Mon. Newton Pipe Organ will begin to move some components of our organ. This pre-demolition work will ensure the safe & efficient placement of the blowers and electrical source. We’ll be without our organ music for a while; the goal is to get it all back up & running, tuned, cleaned,& ready to resume its role as an important & historic worship aide in our parish. While rain has changed some of the order of concrete pours, etc., I’m relieved that we don’t have to get portable restrooms in place until after the weekendof the school’s First Eucharist. I’m working to keep restrooms in place ‘til after all the Catechetical Program Sacraments are celebrated in mid-May. Patience is appreciated. Our contractor & subcontractors take great pride in their work  & are as Sensitive to the life of the parish as they can be and still keep building. <smirenda@dsj,org>

March 13- 19- Construction News

We’ve had a sizeable concrete pour this past week that impacted part of Hope St. from time to time – trying to beat any rain that maybe coming our way.  Starting Tues. of this coming week, and through mid-April, all of Hope St. will be torn up during work hours, Mon. thru Fri. for underground work preparing for our new sewer line. (Loading zone area will still be available.) Trenches will be steel-plated at night & on weekends to allow traffic.  The goal is to have the street fully available by Good Friday.  I’ll try to give timely notice when portable restrooms will be set-up. I’m working out security details so that we have safe & clean facilities, especially for our school children preparing for & receiving First Eucharist after Easter.  <>


March 6-12- Construction News

The tower crane has been certified this past week, & the work on Parking Level 3, while still impacted by recent rains, moves forward. Seismic measurements of the church building were completed last week; we have remained sound & safe throughout the mass excavation.  I’ve made arrangements for the Kaiser Garage to remain open all day & night on 04/15, Holy Sat., through Easter Sun. (04/16) assuring the 8:30PM Easter Vigil Mass-goers have sufficient parking with no worries about the garage closing. Kaiser continues to be so helpful to me, & accommodating of our needs during this project.  The permit process for the Doyle Hall restroom remodel is almost completed. Once that phase begins after Easter, usage of Doyle Hall will be somewhat limited for a time. Portable restrooms will be in place once new sewer line installation begins. Updates will be in this bulletin and/or on our website. Thank you for your patience & prayers for the continued safety of our project.

February 19- Construction News

During the course of this project, we will, from time to time, experience the inconvenience of our Church Street sidewalk and side entrance being temporarily inaccessible.  The street lane shift will occur as needed for heavy equipment and delivery safety.  Please be assured that our contractor is dedicated to keeping the project moving safely & steadily, so the Church Street interruptions will be intermittent and as needed. Cordial interactions with tradespeople is expected.  We parishioners have been flexible & patient to date as construction progresses or is slowed by weather.  Last weekend's bulletin update gave a description of things-to-come. Contact me if you have questions. Many thanks,

February 05-12 Construction News

As you can imagine, our project schedule has been adjusted because of rain delay & some final notes from the City Planner regarding our new elevator, and basement restrooms.  Demolition of the existing elev. tower & the placement of new sewer line are now scheduled for shortly after Easter.  Our contractor has designed a plan for us to be able to use Doyle Hall during this piece of the project – using the back, side door for entrance and exit. Portable Lavatories, with sinks inside, will be provided for us once the restrooms can’t be used. Also at that time, our organ bellows will be relocated & installed in the bell tower.  I’m grateful that we will have had the organ working through the Christmas & the Easter holidays as well.  It will be back in operation asap once electrical relocation work is completed. There will be the removal and refurbishing of the two stained glass windows in the tower, & work will be done to make the church vestibule welcoming. These are the plans. Rain delay is always built in to the schedule. Our clergy is thankful for the good will & patience of parishioners.

December 04-11  Construction News

Rain delays result in juggling the schedule so the project stays on course. Engineering surveyors have place markers in Doyle Hall that allow them to take frequent safety measurements of our church during construction. Thanks for not disturbing those floor stickers. Mon. Dec 5th through Dec. 16th, PGE will be coming to Hope St. to finish the utility cable job Sorry for the inconvenience. All overhead wiring will be gone, and power will be installed in the underground boxes previously positioned. This will impact parts of Hope St. on different days, so just be aware.  It will improve the look of the street and the quality of our utility service especially during the winter. Leaving the Passenger Loading free in front of the church allows our parishioners with mobility issues to come to Mass at St. Joseph.

November 20 Construction News

The jarring installation of the soldier beams as excavation begins should be completed soon.  Sound/noise & vibration measurements are taken frequently, & the parameters for each are adhered to by our contractor.  Excavation & sheathing to reinforce & support the earthen wall of our underground parking lot will continue for about 25 more weeks.  I am grateful for the way the contractor is working with us to accommodate weekday funerals as best we can.  There should be a concrete pour to put the sidewalk in front of church and on the corner of Hope & Church Streets in good shape before the weekend.  (Weather and inspection permitting.)  Please keep the street area in front of church open as the passenger loading & unloading zone on weekends.  We want to be respectful of our parishioners who really can’t walk or wheel from the Kaiser parking garage. Thank you for your goodness.

November 3-6- Construction News

Weather will dictate the start of the excavation of the parking lot.  In the meantime, the site is being prepared for the next phases of work.  We can check on progress at, understanding that in construction, things change daily.  Please see the display board I have placed in vestibule of church to remind us of the scope and the beauty of this development. Again, I hope that we can leave the area right in front of the church as a loading-unloading zone for fellow parishioners & guests who find the walk from Kaiser or street parking difficult. The more I work with our contractor & subs, the more confident I am that these are builders who really care about our property and about doing the job right.    <>

October 23- Construction Updates

Please keep the front curb of our church as a Passenger Loading/Drop Off Zone for our parishioners who find it difficult to make the walk from the Kaiser Garage or on street parking.  I’m having signage made to that effect, but can’t post it until the trench work is completed & inspected at end of this month. In the meantime, we can assist one another by understanding that the curb area directly in front of the church steps is not for parking but for drop-off, pick-up of our less-than-mobile parishioners. Thanks so much!  If you are considering attending the 7PM Nov.10th Grief Ministry Mass in memory of parishioners who have passed away in this past year, please know we can park in the Kaiser Parking Garage from 6:00PM to 9:00PM that Thurs. evening. Be sure to have a Parking Permit on your dashboard.  <> 

October 02- Construction Updates

The fencing around the building site is here for our protection & for materials.  Thank you for respecting those boundaries for everyone’s safety.  Asbestos abatement in rectory is finished.As we enter the Kaiser parking lot off CASTRO ST. [ONLY] (not Hope St), there is a large sign indicating our right to access.  I’ve tried to address all the glitches from last weekend so we are good to go.  Thank you for your patience and good will.

September 14- Construction Updates

The City delayed the fencing around our construction site. I regret confusion; these kinds of changes aren’t uncommon in development and construction, so we will remain flexible. ‘Fence may go up Mon. The underground utilities trench work on Hope St. continues through Sept.; the demolition of the rectory is scheduled for end of Sept. This weekend starts our use of Kaiser Parking Structure & the 3 Handicapped & 11 surface parking spaces on their lot.  Ushers will distribute green parking ‘permits’ as you pick up your bulletin on the way out of Mass. Thank you to Diane for creating these – ‘much less cumbersome than having the bulletin on our dashboards.  As weddings, funerals, or other events are planned through the Parish Office, parking permits will be given for the use of parish guests. We’ll see how this parking arrangement works, & make adjustments as we gain experience. Garage Hours: Sat. & Sun. 6AM- 8:30PM for our parish use.

September 11- Construction Updates

Construction fencing will be erected Mon. Sep 12th, around the perimeter of the building site.  A pedestrian walkway between church building & the fencing allows foot traffic from the back of the church to the various doors (& ramp.) Parking Lot will not be accessible after that except for some funeral logistics. SAT. & SUN. parking at Kaiser parking structure is available staring Sep. 17th. Hours: 6:00AM - 8:30PM for St. Joseph use only.  Other vehicles may be towed. Security will promptly close the gate at 8:30PM, so cars must leave before that closure. ENTER OFF CASTRO ST. We may also use the 3 handicapped parking spaces  Kaiser surface near their Psych Building, & the 11 surface parking spaces jus outside the Park. structure. We will continue to fine hone parking logistics as we live with this for a while. Safety is #1 concern, and as much parishioner convenience as can be provided during this time. Thank you for your patience & good will, as things ready for groundbreaking.  The demolition of the rectory is tentatively scheduled for late in Sept. I will keep updates in ambo announcements, and provide visuals for entering church & Doyle.

August 28- Construction Updates

We are working out details for our use of the Kaiser Parking structure on weekends from Sept. 3rd until construction is completed. I'm meeting with their
Security Team next week. They will patrol the structure Sat. & Sun. & strictly adhere to the 8:30PM closing of the gate.  As we begin this good-neighbor use of the Garage, please keep a parish bulletin on your vehicle dashboard identifying you as SJMV parishioner. Of course wedding and funeral attendees at or church may park in the structure. More details on
our project will appear on our website & in bulletin & announced by Father from the ambo. 


August 21- Construction Updates

So grateful to be able to report that Kaiser Permanente Group has not only approved my request for weekend parking in their parking structure but also assured me, "No charge-just being good neighbors."  ‘Very generous & exciting – ‘an answer to many prayers. Sat.– Sun. hours are 6AM - 8:30PM once construction begins.  We'll work out logistics & signage; parishioners will be informed in this bulletin & from the ambo. As reported several weeks ago, Public Works and our contractor will team to dig underground utilities on Hope St., at the end of this month. As I get details, I will report here, at the ambo, and submit o our webmaster. Thank you. S. Mirenda, Project Director

August 7- Contruction Updates

Construction News:  There is some street-trench work on Hope Street tentatively scheduled for the last week in Aug. This joint project by our Contractor and City Public Works will take at least a week.  During that time on weekdays, we can enter and exit our Parking Lot only from Church Street. I’ll be working with sub contractors to stockpile their materials in our parking lot, taking as few spaces as possible in our lot nearest to Castro St.  I’ll keep parishioners posted on any definite changes or plans as they occur.  If these occur beyond the bulletin deadline, I’ll keep info current on the parish web site.  Thank you.  Stephanie Mirenda, Project Director

July 24-31- Construction Update

Construction News:  Architects & builder are in the application process of securing City permits for the various areas of our project. Father wants us to know that the contractor will carefully dismantle the fencing around the rectory; the lumber will be given to St. Athanasius.  My bid to secure weekend use of Kaiser's parking structure is being considered by their Bd. of Directors.  This weekend parking usage is in addition to the ground level & disabled spaces already agreed upon.  If Kaiser approves my request, the structure will be just for our use, & monitored by a security employee.  The Sobrato Org. has agreed to pay all costs for our weekend parking use.  The Diocese will provide the additional insurance required. I asked for liberal hours on Sat. & Sun.; so parking is close by for weekend Masses & activities.  My goal is to anticipate & meet the needs of parishioners as much as possible during the inconvenience of the construction project. We all want to keep our parish alive in worship & fellowship. This has been months in negotiations, so please pray that approval is granted from the Kaiser Board soon. Thank you,

July 17- Construction Update

Things will be quiet for the next week as building permits are obtained to begin the excavation of the parking garage.  The PGE cut over of the power from the rectory parcel was complete, inspected, & approved on July 7.  The lighting control panel issue inside church is not related to the work on the 7th.  Thanks to Marcel & Father, that electronic issue is being rectified asap.  If building activities start around the church in between bulletin deadlines, I’ll post on the parish website under Construction News. Thank you.  <>"

July 03- Development Update

PG&E finishes their tie-in work on Thurs., July 7th. The contractor is awaiting a Plan Check Response from City in order to pull their building permits. The construction fence & work will probably begin in early Aug.  Strides have been made in working with our neighbor, Kaiser, for weekend parking (additional to the 25 surface spaces already secured.) Firm details on this progress will be published in this bulletin & on our website as soon as agreement is signed, sealed, & delivered. It is our goal to ease the inconvenience of fellow-parishioners especially on the weekends, when worshipping together keeps us strong and faith-filled.  [The untimely death of Bob Serventi has stunned the Development Team, and doubles our resolve to provide a well-planned, well-built, beautiful project for our parish and the downtown area of our city.]    S. Mirenda, Project Director <>

June 26- Development Update

PG&E inspected trench work on Friday.  The from sidewalk may still be impacted into next week.  Hope Street entry to parking should be open as it has been for a few days now as well as on the weekend.  Firm details on the next phases of the project will be noted here in bulletin, on the website, and in ambo announcements.
Thank you for your patience and good will as this piece of utility work is completed. [S. Mirenda, Project Director]

June 20- Development Update

June 19 - Development Update

Permits to upgrade the interior of our church, & prepare for accessible elevator have been approved by City. PG&E work to finish electrical tie-in to the church started on the 13th continuing ‘til month’s end. While Hope St. entry to the parking lot is closed off for a time, the parking lot is open and available off Church St.  [The Hope St. EXIT remains open]Because the sidewalk in front of rectory & aside the church & ramp will be roped off to pedestrian traffic & a few parking slots, we must enter church from front steps or the side steps on Church St.  Fr. Engel will keep daily worshippers aware of any changes that may occur because of this two-week work schedule. On 6/24, I’ll be talking to Kaiser again about possibility of even more weekend parking options.  Safety is first priority, & your patience & good-will are appreciated.

June 11- Development Update

You may notice some utility work later this coming week as PGE & our contractor re-feeds the lines to the church building. The driveways off Hope Street will be blocked during the work, but our parking lot is available and accessible off Church Street. This is completion of the PGE switch-over that started in April. If more details become available after Bulletin deadline, I'll include info in ambo announcements.

June 5- Development Update

The City Council approved our parish development project on May 24th. Architects & Developer will move forward with securing various permits. The Sobrato Organization will be posting two-week progress reports on their website once construction begins. I will include here in our Bulletin (& on our website) as many firm details as arise in order to keep us informed & to help mitigate as much as possible the inconvenience that accompanies excavation & construction. I continue to work on more nearby parking options. This need will arise around the end of July.

May 22-Development Update

The Developer & Architects continue to meet City requirements as they prepare for City Council approval (tentatively set for May 24.) The Parish Needs Assessment drives the plans for upgrades & attention to the interior of our church, & the new office. Kaiser has granted us weekend use of 25 parking spaces, (including 3 ADA) once construction begins. Further parking alternatives are in the works. The spirit & well being of our parish & school, now & into the future, is primary in the hearts & plans of our Clergy & parish ministries. Father will keep us updated. The Holy Spirit continues to guide us.

May 15-Development Update

Our architect is submitting final drawings for some of the improvements that will be made inside our church as per our Parishioner Needs Assessment. Special attention is being given to our historic pipe organ so that all upgrades and improvements are made judiciously during construction. I am still negotiating weekend parking alternatives, and Father will keep you posted.

May 8- Development Update

Development News: On April 27, the City Zoning Administrator recommended that the City Council approve our Construction Project. This consideration may be at the May 24th or June Council Meeting. Demolition of the rectory is scheduled for early July. These are tentative dates at this point. I am working with Kaiser and Wells Fargo to gain weekend parking use for our Sat. & Sun. needs. I will keep Father and parishioners informed as these arrangements are put in writing.  It is the goal of all our parish ministries to keep our parish active & vibrant as we deal with the inconveniences of construction.  The contractors & sub contractors on our project have been & will continue to be sensitive to our spiritual needs, & are taking great pride & care in creating an inviting and safe area for our community.  

May 1- Development Update

Development News: Our church's updated utility service & new gas line is now installed. This completed 'pre-construction' project was reported at the Apr. 27th City Zoning Admin. Meeting. Our next Development Review at the City is May 4th. A tentative construction time-line will then begin to take shape in preparation for presentation of the Development to the Mtn. View City Council.  As things progress we will have info in this bulletin, & firm details on our parish website.

April 17- Development Update

Inspectors have approved the utility trenching and plumbing work that had to be completed by Friday.  PG&E will do a half-day switch over from the rectory to the new gas-line for the church later next week. Workers have been respectful of funerals and special liturgies, and we expect that mutual cooperation to continue when the construction phase of the development begins. Approvals and permits and details are in process. It appears that things will begin to move in July. Updates will appear in this bulletin and from the ambo. Thank you for your patience and good-will.

April 10- Development Update

As we announced at last weekend’s Masses, the utility trench being dug across Church St. will house our new gas line & should be completed, & inspected by PG&E on Mon. The switch over to the new panel is anticipated later in the month. There will be flush plates on Church St. over the trench until this work is completed. There is minimal staging of equipment in the parking lot, with room for Mass, funeral, and Confirmation parking. Thank you for your understanding.

March 6- Development Update

The parish office is open to serve your needs at 333 W. El Camino Real, #310, Sunnyvale. Phone # remains the same. Utility workers & plumbers will be on the property during the week for pre-construction work. Now that we know July 31st is the expected date our parking lot will no longer be available, we’re resuming the successful talks Sobrato began in the fall regarding our weekend use of two neighboring businesses’ parking lots.  As design plans unfold, the priorities of our parish remain in focus: retire our debts, respond to  parishioners’ desires as expressed in the Needs Assessment & at the Oct. Community Meeting, refresh our worship space, update restrooms & Doyle Hall,  and grow our Christian stewardship. 

February 28- Development Update

Our parish office has been closed these past few days as we settle into our new office space at 333 W. El Camino Real,  Suite 310, Sunnyvale, CA  94087. We are open for business Monday, the 29th, at the same hours M-F: 1:30PM - 7:30PM. Our phone remains the same. The church liturgies, activities, and parking lot are not impacted; only the rectory building is vacant. You may begin to see Utilities workers taking small soil samples or marking areas with ground paint in preparation for their work that is slated for later in the spring. Bulletin updates and ambo announcements will keep all of us informed once other timelines begin to be formed. Our Clergy and staff look forward to serving your needs at our new location.  Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, Suite 310 is just as you step off elevator. 

February 15- Development Update

As Father shared with us last Sun., the temporary move of our parish office is the 1st pre-construction step we take so that the Utilities can be properly located on the church parcel. During this phase, the parking lot remains available as is, and there is NO interruption to services, meetings, or activities in the church or Doyle Hall. Parishioner needs and the business of the parish will be served with dedication. Once the Diocese reviews the lease, we will inform all of temporary address & phone. ‘Next steps in the project is a final City Design Review, a Zoning meeting in April, & Final City Council approval.  Regular updates will be provided in Bulletin.